Starting-up in India

Do you have a project to launch on the Indian market ? Our dedicated team can help you

Improving your performances

Working with interlocutors who have different habits and culture can be a challenge and we can assist you to overcome this obstacle

Creating a brand

You are a brand new company or looking to launch a brand ? We can assist you in starting up and developing your activities with selected partners

The Indian market : a mix of opportunities and challenges

Companies consider the Indian market very attractive in term of opportunities. With a population about 1,2 billion and an average growth of 7%, India offers high potential for international companies whether you are looking for a manufacturer, customers or even partners, India has to be consider in any international development strategy.

However, challenges are as high as opportunities. Understand the culture, values and working habits are crucial to start business with key players, and frequently misapprehend by foreign companies.

In that context, DesiSource provides coaching/personalized support according to your demands and goals. We offer strong market study and analysis but also a deep review of the field opportunities, and thus provide recommendation based on academic information, but also linked to the reality of the market.

  • Launch
  • Establishment coaching
  • Results and market study
  • Analysis and data selection
  • Field Study
  • Business Study

Fabric Sourcing

Thanks to our manufacturers network, we provide you fabrics and supplies as per your requierements


We assist you and advice you on your product's development and we develop your patterns with our partners


Our team take care of prototype's development in our factories

Production monitoring

We keep in touch permanently with our factories and keep a close eye on your production during each steps of conception

Import / export formalities

We control customs document to meet the requirements

Our Supply Chain

From Delhi to Tirupur via Mumbai and Kolkata, our suppliers and partners have their own competencies of their specialty, which make them experts in their field. According to your specifications, our company is committing to find the best production platform and will ensure that your quality standards are followed and applied.

Services adapted to current demands

Thanks our team based in France, and NYC, we work in close collaboration with all clients for their product's development. Designing, creating and developing products are key stages for any company selling creativity. Being everyday in contact with designers and manufacturers, we understand how crucial it is to provide the right information to each partner - this is why we decided to offer a new technical file design service - thanks to our knowledge we will create for you the right technical documents, then being necessary for a clear understanding between the designer and manufacturer. Being on the field, we will be able to advice you thanks to our knowledge of weaknesses and strengths of Indian manufacturers at the first stage of production : design stage.


Creation of technical file is essential for every production in factory. Technical files include
- fabrics, details, requierments
- detailed measurement chart
- technical drawing
- accessory details
- specific comments

This document turns out to be essential for new product development and its realization is required for designers. The technical file will be used as base for your collections and can be reused for every season after modifications.

NB : The price of technical file depends on the complexity of the product you want to make. Please go on "Request - Contact" if you need a quotation.